Everything You Need to Know About Cat Grooming

Professional pet grooming salons don’t just offer pet grooming for dogs. They also provide pet grooming for cats, ensuring your feline feels and looks healthy. That being said, we know of cat owners who don’t think their cats must receive a professional grooming service. In this article, we discuss the importance and everything else that you should know about it.

The Purpose Behind Its Importance

It has come to our attention that those with dogs are usually the ones who get their fur babies groomed by a professional. This is not a very common sight with cat owners. In fact, it is equally important for cat owners too of getting their cats groomed. You may think that since they constantly lick their coats, they don’t necessarily need grooming. But that isn’t the case. They need a regular grooming session in order to keep infections, discomfort and skin irritation at bay.

Why Should You Groom Your Cat?

Short Nails Causes Less Damage

Long nails not only cause damage to your furniture and household items but also make it uncomfortable for them to walk. While outdoors cats’ nails shed naturally, indoor cats require them to be cut manually and regularly. Short nails ensure they are happy and can play comfortably.

Maintain Their Health

We know that most cars are not very comfortable with traveling. Therefore, you can always look for a company that offers mobile grooming for cats. That way, the groomers can take care of them in the comfort of your home, which means they are less fussy and more cooperative.

Everything You Need to Know About Cat Grooming

Avoid Ear Infection

This is mainly for cats with long coats. A regular checkup to get their ears cleaned will prevent any infection from forming. It can be painful and uncomfortable, not just for them but for you as well.

Why Is Cat Grooming Relatively Expensive?

This is a common question asked by many feline and furry owners. Regardless of where you go, you will notice that the price of grooming a cat is higher than grooming a dog. Now you may be wondering as to why this is the case. Given their relatively smaller size, one may often consider it to be less work. Whereas in reality, cats tend to be fussier towards grooming as opposed to dogs. Many cats find the whole experience of being bathed to be very unpleasant. Due to this, more attention and effort is put into grooming cats, hence the high price. More often than not, dogs tend to be calmer in these situations, making it easy for professionals to handle them.

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