Frequently Asked Questions on Yacht Rentals

The process of renting a yacht may seem intimidating to those who are new to this activity. As professionals in the industry, we recognize this issue and as such have curated this article specially for novice yacht rental individuals. In this we cover the common questions customers usually ask before renting a yacht. We hope these will help, especially when it comes to choosing the right yacht rental company. We also provide answers on the most commonly asked question which is, rent a yacht Dubai price.

How Do I Select the Right Yacht Charter Company?

Nowadays there is unlimited information floating around about any and every topic. Simply browse through the internet and search for reliable yacht rental companies in Dubai. In addition, you can go through the testimonials, packages, prices, amenities and services offered. You can always do a site comparison and find one that offers you the best.

What Should I Carry on The Yacht?

Just like with any short trip, the least you carry the better. However, you need to ensure you have the essentials with you. Like they say, it’s better to have and not need, than need and not have. You also have to consider the season in which you are renting the yacht. The cool season essentials would include carrying warm clothing such as jackets, a sweater or a sweatshirt. The summer season on the other hand would demand more essentials than that. You would need to carry a hat, sunglasses, a swimsuit, sunscreen, light summer clothing (additional) and flip flops. Apart from the season, the occasion is another factor to consider. You wouldn’t want to be over dressed or under dressed for the occasion.

What Is the Cost of a Yacht Charter?

There is no fixed rate or starting price that we can mention, as every company has different aspects that they take into consideration. Right from the quality of the boat and service, to the size, crew, and amenities offered, there are various factors that contribute to the pricing of a yacht charter.

Rent a Yacht Dubai Price

What Activities Can I Expect Onboard?

Some of the common activities available onboard include scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing and water skiing. We also offer other watersport activities such as banana boat, donut, and more. The list is endless and depends on the activities that you may be interested in, when considering chartering the yacht.

Can I Customize the Menu Onboard?

Yes, as a professional yacht rental agency, we offer you the freedom of customizing the menu as per your preference. We recognize that every individual has a specific dietary and so, we are able to curate the menu to your diet.

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