How Education WEDO 2.0 Builds STEM Skills

Education for children has really improved. It has gone beyond learning done on the writing board. Research shows that children are likely to pick up a skill from a tender age. Lego education WEDO 2.0 with Knowledge Hub has pushed learning for kids further by making it active instead of passive. With Lego, children can now see learning as fun through play-based learning. The best part about learning with Lego is not only the educational advancement it provides for children. Teachers also benefit from Lego especially the WEDO 2.0.

Learn Robotics

Robotics is perhaps one of the most advanced technologies that exist in today’s society. WEDO 2.0 pays keen attention to this area of technology by using Lego toys to help children master programming. Children can start building skills in robotics using WEDO 2.0.

Active Learning

Active Learning

Let’s face it, the main reason children find it hard to learn anything is mostly because they don’t find it to be fun. WEDO 2.0 gives children the opportunity to learn STEM actively as opposed to the traditional passive way of learning. WEDO makes learning so much fun with children willing to participate in activities. This makes it easier for them to adopt STEM subjects.

Critical Thinking

As far as STEM is concerned, critical thinking is a very important skill. WEDO 2.0 helps children become critical thinkers. This gives them an edge when it comes to problem-solving in their daily lives. Lego has always encouraged children to think outside the box to solve problems. With WEDO, critical thinking as a means to solve problems has now become a norm.



You can’t become a successful programmer without being creative. In order to improve on the level of creativity in children, WEDO incorporates art into STEM learning. As a matter of fact, Lego calls it STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). Arts gives children the creativity which makes STEM beautiful.

Early Learning

The whole idea of WEDO is to avail children the opportunity of having an early start in building their STEM skills. Children are gradually introduced to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through WEDO.

Although Lego was once a toy and still is, it has grown to become a hub that provides opportunities for children to learn and have fun at the same time.

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