When You Should Consider Rental Cranes Over Buying A New One

Cranes make construction, loading and offloading of large items easy. The equipment increases productivity in construction. However, there is always a popular question: should I rent or buy a crane? The cost of buying new or used cranes can prove prohibitive especially if you are working on a tight budget.

Considering Liebherr cranes rental UAE will not only save on purchase cost but will also eliminate some liabilities. Before going for buying a crane, you should consider some factors like the length of your project. The financial capability of your firm is also an essential factor. Here are some instances when you should consider rental cranes.

Crane Rental in Dubai

Short-Term Projects

You don’t have to buy a crane for a project that will run for a year. The cost implication might be higher than the amount of profit that you will make for the project. The high initial depreciation of machinery also makes the idea of purchasing a crane unviable. You can also face the challenge of disposing of the machine after use. Also, if you are not planning to be in the industry for long, it is advisable to go for rental cranes.

Cost Savings

If you are a start, you should not test the depth of the waters with both feet. Making huge initial capital investment can take your company decades before break even. Therefore, you can invest in a rental machine to gain a foothold in the industry. You might also not get consistent projects and your crane can stay idle for long. You can use rental machines on a need basis. You also have fewer financial obligations when it comes to servicing of the equipment.

You Require Variety

If there is diversity in the kind of tasks that you are carrying out, you should consider crane rental services. It is easier to hire different machines when you need them. You cannot be in business if you decide to buy a fleet of cranes to suit different requirements. In construction sites, you may require a different crane when doing the foundation of a 10 story building. You should evaluate the kind of projects you will be doing before settling on the best option for your firm.

Crane Rental in UAE

No Operator

If your company does not have and operator and you find it difficult to get one, you can use rental services to solve the problem. Most rental companies offer their operators if you have not hired one. The advantage of it is that you will get a qualified driver without incurring hiring costs. The operators also have experience working with the crane which ensures that productivity is also high.

Transport and Storage

It is not cheap to transport a crane from the supplier to your site. Most people fail to consider this cost but it has an implication on your finances. Some lifting equipment supplier in Dubai offers transport to your site. That service will save you some more. The cost of storage for the equipment is also easy because you should construct a secure garage. The machine is also large and it can occupy a lot of space.

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